...the daily grind?

So we have returned from Florida after a blissful week of sun, sand, sleeping in [why are these all s words??] and such [ha! I had to do it]

It was not nice of the alarm to wake me up at 7am this morning, but I conceded, dragged my pouty self to the shower, prepared a lovely cup o' joe and attempted to study for a quiz that I was 95% sure I'd fail.

[which I did - failing a quiz in this class, for the record, is getting one out of five questions wrong = ridiculous]

This was my attempt at pumping myself up for the long day ahead. It didn't help.

Nothing too exciting going on, save for getting my behind kicked in chem today by the worst exam of my life. While the vacation did plenty for my sanity [and cured my sleep deprivation], it did absolutely nothing for my knowledge of alkanes, esters and other such organic chemistry studies. Woof.


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