this post is not exciting

Yesterday I hoped to write a huge long post outlining the past few weeks, chock-full [ ...chockfull? Chockful? Chock full? Spelling, anyone? ] of photos and whatnot, but alas, I felt totally uninspired and devoid of motivation after a slightly irking incident involving UPS and my textbooks [ which turned out to be my own fault after all - cue tears of embarassment and shame... ].

So here's my little update to say that I'm still alive.

Our apartment isn't quite completely organized yet, but at least we only have about two or three more boxes to unpack and put away! And then despite slipping on a hill two miles from the end [ and straining / spraining my wrist in the process ], I survived the backpacking trip up north. I also managed to successfully stand up in my friend's wedding even on less than six hours of sleep and feeling more than slightly lightheaded and quite warm at least twice during the ceremony.

Update: done.
Just kidding.

I'll get pictures and a more detailed post up later this week. Justin and Josh are way ahead in the game with their fancy shmancy [ but not negative Nancy! That was dumb. Sorry. ] edited photos and lengthy posts, but I will catch up! Advanced apologies for repeats, though.


P.S. On a random note, everyone needs to go out and read Tina Fey's book, Bossypants [ click the link for the NY Times review ], right now. Seriously. Once you get past all the swear words [ 'cause there are lots in there ], it's absolutely hilarious. I finished it in a day and a half. Read it. You won't regret it.


I like to move it move it

Ay caray.

The past five days have been a whirlwind of activity. I silently cry on the inside every time I look at another box I realize I haven't unpacked yet. Why can't they just empty themselves while I sit in the corner, curled up reading and sipping lemonade in the coolness of our [ hallelujah! ]  air-conditioned space? But alas, I'm slowly but surely working through them.

It should also be noted that we won't have internet at the new place for another week or so at least, so I've resorted to uh, how do I say it? Using the free, unlocked resources I have when I have them... I won't say anything more than that [ though if you know my schedule you may catch my drift ]. This is the reason for my lack of photos of the new place, though we do have lots to share. Justin did this awesome job setting up the camera to take a picture every 30 [ ? ] seconds when we tackled the kitchen / entrance area and then once again as he set up the entertainment center in the living room. He compiled the photos to create a video of our progress and will most likely be posting it soon! He also took pictures of the whole place, each individual room, before we started moving things in, so hopefully we'll be getting those up for people to see soon as well. I'll also be doing a post about how the whole move went, so hang tight for that, too!



Madness, I tell you...

The lack of posts has a reason: life is C-R-A-Z-Y as of late.

For one thing, we're moving.


Justin and I realized that this will be our fourth living space in the span of two years. That's right - by the time we settle into our new abode, we will have lived in FOUR different places since tying the knot in 2009.

That is four times of packing boxes, crossing our fingers that nothing gets damaged in said boxes, breaking down furniture [ or not...because it's sooo not worth it to attempt to reconstruct those IKEA pieces sans the original instructions...], loading / unloading U-Hauls, re-assembling non-IKEA furniture, unpacking those mountains of boxes, figuring out how to best organize new spaces and places, and waiting for weeks until our new home actually feels like home.

However, this time we're doing things a little differently.

We always knew that at some point we'd have to do a major purge of our possessions since we've been planning on paring way down once Justin heads to med school. However, we didn't expect that to happen until at least next summer, so now we're scrambling to purge unnecessary items. Due to renting an actual house, we've I've gotten into this nasty habit of -ahem- acquiring [ and creating ] more items than we I maybe should have. Some vintage Ball jars to use as vases? Sure, I'll take four. Perhaps a decorative wall hanging? I'll craft some and then also take one for free from my mom! This has resulted in a few too many items than we actually need and I'm feeling just a bit overwhelmed at the sight of them as I mentally pack items into imaginary boxes.