Yesterday at work I was slightly obsessing over the news coverage of the Boston Marathon... One may ask, why would Nicole do that? Is it because she enjoys running? Perhaps it's because the River Bank Run is coming up...does she need some extra motivation? 

While the answer to all those questions points to yes, the main reason, however, is this:

Desiree Davila

She's 5'2"! She lives in Michigan! She works for Moosejaw! Did I mention that she's 5'2"?!?!

Yes, that is one short lady who placed 2nd in the women's division just TWO SECONDS behind Caroline Kilel from Kenya. TWO SECONDS...an American woman...who's 5'2"...IT'S AMAZING!!!!

Also, check this out:

Kara Goucher

She ran this 7 months after giving birth (!!!) and finished 5th overall, 9 seconds behind Kilel. 

It is so incredible to see how God created our bodies to allow us to do such great things despite vertical challenges and healing after childbirth! Both of these female athletes are so inspiring to me and make me believe I can do anything I set my mind and commit to. Who knows, maybe there is a marathon in my near future....


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