Aaaaand we're back?

Well, so much for blogging.


I'm terrible with this thing! I can't seem to stay consistent or keep up with this as I get busier, most notably during the school year. Considering the spring semester has been over for at least three weeks now, I really don't have any excuse for why I haven't returned other than that I've been relishing in my free time and indulging in other desires...

...cooking, baking, exercising, sewing, cleaning, organizing....just to name a few of those things.... 

So, here I am. 
Trying to write.
Trying to keep up and updating to keep up with life.

Let's dive right in, shall we? 


- I was incredibly stubborn and refused to go to the eye doctor regarding blurriness and impaired vision in my right eye. After a couple of weeks of complaints, Justin finally got so fed up with said stubbornness that he drove me to go to Urgent Care the Saturday before exams week, where I was diagnosed with corneal kerititis. Justin documented the whole ordeal quite well, which you can read about here. I had to push back all of my exams, which resulted in taking all four in one day = so ridiculously stressful. Lesson learned: TAKE OUT YOUR CONTACTS AT THE END OF EVERY DAY AND DON'T LEAVE THEM IN LONGER THAN EIGHT HOURS AT A TIME. Period. Done. I refuse to go through that ever again!

- The Saturday after finals week ended I co-hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Jamie at our church. It was so nice to celebrate the little nugget of a guy who will be making his appearance in just over a month now! Since I'm still learning how to operate my camera (another summer item on the to-do list), I'm  more than slightly ashamed of the quality of the few photos I managed to capture so I think I'll be refraining from posting any of those...

- Working at a retail store downtown when a certain annual festival is going on is hectic....very hectic. I don't recommend it...especially when you're super duper OCD very organized and anything out of order drives you completely bonkers. I'm fairly certain my customer service skills just plummeted that week due my blood pressure skyrocketing through the roof as people rifled through hangers and racks and stacks of clothing. Sheesh. Good thing I'm not going into the retail industry permanently and rather into a field where attention to detail and having your ducks in a row is basically a necessity.

- Justin and I celebrated our third anniversary this past weekend! It's amazing how quickly the years go by! We started off the celebrations by taking the day off on Friday and heading to the beach and acting like tourists, riding the chain ferry across the river and walking through the quaint town of Saugatuck in and out of various shops. The next day, Justin drove us down to good ol' Ohio to visit a particular outlet mall that housed a certain brand of purses that I just happen to be quite fond of...where Justin, being the fantastic and utterly amazing husband that he is, allowed me to choose one to take home! Considering the fact that the third anniversary's traditional gift is leather, this choice of a gift was quite appropriate and made me one extremely happy wife. He also surprised me with the purchase of two new dresses and a pair of earrings, making me feel all the more spoiled! This was followed by a trip to the Bose store, leading to the early-birthday-gifting for the husband of a pair of a noise-canceling headphones to aid in his med school studies starting in the fall. We drove to a city an hour away (since the FOUR hotels in the outlet mall's city was completely booked) and stayed the night at a hotel that was oh-so-conveniently located just a mile down the road from an IKEA (another store whose website I happen to stalk and dream up decorating ideas about on occasion). We made more than a few purchases the next day to outfit our apartment and returned home late that night. Tomorrow we will have a low-key celebration of homemade breakfast and a relaxed morning, perhaps going through our wedding photos and reminiscing our big day from just three years ago...I love you, Justin! Thanks for a memorable and wonderful last three years - here's to many more to come!!!

Until next time (which who knows when that will be...hopefully sooner rather than later!)...