About Me

I'm Nicole, and I try to chase peonies on a daily basis. Whether I'm working, running, in class or figuring out ways to be content with less, it always comes back to seeking out the brightness in any dreary situation. And that is chasing peonies.

I started this blog with the name "NPR on the Journey" as a way to document life with an online journal. As time went on and my personal style began to evolve, I changed the name to "Chasing Peonies" to better represent myself and my interests. That plus taking advantage of my husband's graphic design / computer programming skills...

Currently I'm a nursing student at a small Christian college in Michigan. My interests include distance running (I've run the Fifth Third Riverbank Run's 25K twice and both the Grand Rapids Marathon's half marathon and full marathon each once), teaching myself to sew, baking, cooking, learning languages, crafting, backpacking, photography and Moosejaw. I drink way too much coffee and I have a slight obsession with fleece pullovers. Just ask my husband