A random conversation

After returning from the farmer's market today...

Justin: Oh, look at you with your little basket! What did you get?
Me: Some herbs, strawberries....and OH MY GOSH! 
Justin: What??
Me: Okay, the kid who sold me these tomatoes....well, he was a dead-ringer for Peeta Mellark.
Justin: As in, the actor who plays Peeta in the movie or what you've imagined him to be in your head while reading?
Me: The actor. The actor from the movie. 
Justin: .....You wanted to kiss him, didn't you?
Me: --silence--
Justin: You didn't say anything! YOU WANTED TO KISS HIM, DIDN'T YOU?!
Me: No! I didn't want to kiss him...I mean, I just wanted to say, 'Has anyone ever told you how much you look like Peeta Mellark?'
Justin: You should have! That probably would have made his day!
Me: No, uh uh, the kid was like, 18...would have creeped. him. out. 

Oh, I love Peeta. And the farmer's market.

That is all.


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