Why, hello there.

Much to the behest of my husband, here I am writing a blog post. 

Confession: I am a terrible keeper of memories

Justin and I have had at least 9874525374 conversations in the past few months regarding this here little blog o' mine - mostly him reminding me that many years from now, when I want to remember what was going on at this point in my life, I will smack myself in the rear for not documenting things. 

And he's right.

Right now I'm married. 
Have been for nearly three years (!). 
My husband went back to college for pre-requisites for medical school.
He already has been accepted into the incoming class of a particular school for fall 2012 (yay!). 
I'm also in college. 
However, I've traded my Spanish literature textbooks for stethoscopes and scrubs in pursuit of a future in nursing.
I also worked for nearly two years at the local hospital as a receptionist, navigating my way into the world of healthcare and all that it involves, only to end up back at my alma mater in search of earning a BSN. 
That job ended this past January, when I literally could not fit in enough hours of the day to keep working that job along with a full-time academic schedule.
So, I started working at a retail store downtown...and I love it.
We also happen to live downtown in a loft - and it. is. AWESOME (I share this feeling with Justin on a nearly daily basis).
Justin and I have weekly "donut dates," during which we walk to a local coffee shop / bakery / restaurant, order coffee and a baked good / breakfast food, do a little devotions, and catch up with each other. 
Sometimes we also walk our dog down the streets of downtown late at night when nobody else is around.
Due to my schedule and lack of extra time to cook, my beloved 6qt Crockpot has become one of my greatest material possessions. 

That's just the general idea of life these days. Sadly, I've really missed out on documenting the little memories that are too soon forgotten because I haven't been keeping up on this blog. I know I've written several times about making theme posts, writing on a more regular basis, etc. but I haven't followed through. 

To be fair, last semester really was too difficult and stressful for me personally to take time to write anything. If I had spare time, pretty much the last thing I wanted to do was update my blog. I was training for a marathon, in my first semester back as a full-time nursing student, working not-quite-but-felt-like-full-time (okay, only 24 hours/week...), and married with a dog. It doesn't sound like much looking back at it, but I was seriously worn out. 

This semester is better, though.

I'm not working long shifts anymore. I'm able to concentrate more on school (never mind the fact that I have my first Nutrition exam tomorrow and I'm on here instead). 

I can breathe a little more easily.

Plus, I saved up some a BOATLOAD of my Christmas money, allowance, etc. and bought this fun little gem:


Justin introduced and oriented me to a few nifty iPad apps that I can use to edit my photos and blog easily, so hopefully I will take advantage of those and get the ball rolling on documenting memories. 

Stay tuned...



  1. You forgot about your bro-in law who used to be a hobo but now you can visit him at work on your way to donut dates. Good to see you writing again.

  2. Hooray, great post!! Can't wait to see you work some craft-and-baking-MAGIC once you've got that camera! Come on, Amazon...

  3. That was a great catch up post! Makes me wish we lived in Holland! Glad you're back, Nicole!

  4. ok, love the camera. And also wanted to voice my sentiments that I too wished I would take the time to document these early years in my marriage, yet NEVER do it! (well... I do take photos... but journal entries are a thing of years past apparently.... oh well)


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