pardon our dust

So here's the deal - one of the things on my summer to-do list is organizing this blog better, and included in that is keeping up with it more consistently and molding my own personal blogging style. Justin is totally beating me with his customized backgrounds and consistent posts... I have some serious photography skills / technologically savvy / creativity / altogether blog-envy. Luckily, he promised to help me give this thing a facelift, so over the next week or two this may seem a little discombobulated [is that a spell-able word?! Is "spell-able" even a word?] due to changes being made. For example, my header photo is already MIA so my blog's looking a little naked and boring but have no fear! The finished product is coming soon...to a blog near you...?


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  1. That's right, Love! You forgot to mention that you'll be the creative genius behind all the concepts-to-come; I'm just a voluntary builder - you're the architect! We'll get things snapping in no time!


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